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About Us

We do things a little
differently around here.

We didn’t create medblue because we liked health insurance. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Medblue begins in the early 2000s, when our Founder, a seasoned healthcare executive, witnessed a 22-year old single mother with no health insurance unable to afford a brain scan for her young daughter. The price she was quoted was roughly three times the amount a typical big health insurance company would pay for the same scan. “It was a devastating situation to watch”. That was the day he realized just how broken our healthcare system is, and how big his passion was to help the uninsured.

Healthcare costs are soaring, and uninsured and underinsured patients have no insight into the cost or quality of healthcare. So, they simply avoid healthcare all-together. At medblue, we’ve simply embedded technology, ease of use, and transparency, into a field that notoriously lacks all three.

The medblue financial model is equally attractive to doctors as it is to patients. Healthcare providers set up a free professional profile on our website and receive exposure to patients pre-paying for healthcare in advance. That is very appealing when many providers wait months to get paid, if at all, from health insurance companies.

Medblue fills a void between the healthcare provider and the uninsured patient, and offering value to both.

medblue is about the people.

It’s about taking care of yourself, so you can take care of those you love and show up for. The ones you lose sleep over. The people who count on you and your rides to practice or your coffee in bed. The people you share a brain with. Or your home with.

medblue was built for you and those you love.
That’s why we’re making it faster, easier and more affordable to stay healthy. Through the use of data and artificial intelligence, we built a company dedicated to helping more families who can’t afford health

insurance be better prepared for the uncertain future. Because we believe healthcare is a right and everyone deserves the protection that comes from having a plan.

And it feels as good as it sounds. We’re united under our mission, and we’re never as happy as when we get to help those who thought healthcare was too far away, actually receive it. Sure, shaking up a trillion-dollar industry won’t be easy. But for our people, and your people, it’ll all be worth it.