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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out answers to common questions we receive from brokers

What is medblue?
We are a Discount Plan Organization licensed by the Office of Insurance Regulation. We secure big discounts with doctors and hospitals and offer those discounts directly to our members, your clients.
How can I become a broker, sales representative, or influencer for medblue?
Simply create a broker account on our site, complete the online form, and sign the attached sales representative agreement. Once you submit all documents, our broker team will review your application and contact you within two (2) business days for next steps.
Must I be a licensed health and variable annuities agent to sell healthcare plans on medblue?
No, anyone who has a knack for sales, is ethical, and is also professional should apply to be a sales representative for medblue. The bigger your customer or client base, the better your chances at being a successful sales representative.
How do I earn commissions on medblue?
A one-time commission is earned for every healthcare plan you enroll. In addition, a monthly commission is paid for every month the plan remains on medblue, for up to twelve (12) months.
Must I have a company or corporation to be a sales representative for medblue?
No, you may be an individual, proprietor, partnership, LLC, corporation, or other legal entity. Every sales representative will be an independent contractor of medblue, and not an employee.
How can I keep track of my commissions?
Within your medblue broker account, you will be able to keep track of clients you have enrolled into medblue, each member’s month of enrollment, month-to-date commissions, commissions pending, total commissions earned, and the ability to update your bank account where commissions are deposited.
Will I be trained on medblue and its products?
Absolutely, once approved, you will be provided online and in person marketing material and training to ensure you become an expert at selling medblue. However, we warn you, it is super easy!
What if I prefer to sign up as a broker in person?
No problem, you may contact our office by calling (305) 800-BLUE and one of our broker representatives will schedule an appointment to meet with you and provide all our printed documents in person.