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Self-Pay Patient Facts



The growing number of uninsured patients in the US



Patients in the US
with no dental



Make healthcare related searches online a year



Consumers that read reviews prior to obtaining healthcare

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out answers to common questions we receive from providers

What is medblue?
We are a Discount Plan Organization licensed by the Office of Insurance Regulation. We contract directly with providers and give our members direct access to those discounts.
How can I join the medblue provider network?
Simply click Join Network button on this page, complete your professional profile, and submit for our review. Once we receive your request, we will contact your office within two (2) business days to complete the process.
Why are you only accepting providers top rated on Google?
Top ratings on Google is merely a directional measure of good patient experiences. However, it is not the only measure we look for. Other credentials, including years of experience, training, residencies, and board certifications are additional measures we consider. We are mainly looking for doctors that are tuned into the retail side of healthcare, and that are used to treating the self-pay patient population.
Does it cost anything to join the medblue provider network?
No, there is no cost to join. However, we kindly request all providers agree to our standardized provider fee schedule. Our provider fee schedule is designed to offer great value to our members who are self-pay, which ranges between standard Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement rates. Our members pre-pay services with their debit or credit card, so you do not have to worry about billing, collections, authorizations, etc.
How do providers get paid?
Once you complete your professional profile, you will link your practice bank account to our site. When patients book appointments with your practice, they pre-authorize their credit card for the service. Once you complete the service, payment will be instantly deposited into your practice bank account.
Why is the primary care visit reimbursement $40 and the Specialist visit reimbursement $60?
Medblue members are uninsured and considered self-pay. This pricing is set to keep their initial costs low. These amounts reflect between 100% to 120% of Florida Medicaid reimbursement. It is also important to note that our members have pre-authorized their credit or debit card prior to the service, so your payment is instantly deposited into your practice bank account and it is guaranteed.
How long does it take to complete the doctor profile section on medblue?
It can take between 15 to 25 minutes to complete. The Services’ section is the most tedious. It requires either the doctor or a knowledgeable office staff to click through and select from an extensive list of medical or dental services, so patients know exactly all the care you and your practice offer. The more services you offer within your practice, the more chances of patient bookings.
Is there a fee for collecting patient payments on behalf of providers?
Yes, our payment processing partner www.stripe.com charges 2.9% + 30¢ per successful card charge. Medblue does not charge anything in addition to the stripe fees.